Recent #OOTD’s and Personal Style


I love outfits of the day. I love them.

So I thought as a sort of ‘introduction’ to my style I’d show you all some of my recent efforts.

My motto when it comes to clothes is: wear whatever the hell you want.

Whatever the hell I want often includes:

  • skinny jeans
  • crop tops
  • creepers
  • skater skirts and thigh highs
  • a lot of forest tones and black

I suppose I’d throw it all under a sort of ‘grunge’ label, but I don’t really stick fast to any one style or sub style, it’s all about what I like and feel comfortable wearing – and if it happens to be ‘on trend’ well that’s a bonus I guess.

I have a couple big brand stores that I quite like but op shops have supplied a large portion of my wardrobe, including that denim jacket I’m wearing in the first photo. I also really love clothes swaps. And in the colder months you’ll often spot me wearing hats and cowls I’ve knitted myself.

That’s the basics of my personal style. Thanks for reading, tell me about you style in the comments!


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