Settling in for a Rainy Week


It’s meant to rain most of the week in my neck of the woods, and although I do like gloomy weather I’m glad to not have any pressing outdoor engagements.

On my needles right now is a simple two by two rib beanie for my dad made from zauberball sock yarn. I love the colourways zauberball comes in, it’s a very nice, soft yarn. I’ve made a pair of socks with it in the past. I’m using this pattern from Purl Soho as a basic guide, only making a couple tweaks here or there.

I’m also currently chewing my way through the Welcome to Night Vale novel, my copy took awhile to arrive in the post but now that it’s here I’m reading around fifty pages a day – don’t want it to end too fast tbh. I’m going to their Sydney live show in the new year which is exciting, and will only become more exciting as time passes.

What are some of your favourite wet weather activities, do you get a bit stir crazy when the rain hangs around?


One thought on “Settling in for a Rainy Week

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