Dress Shirt / Shirt Dress #OOTD


This men’s dress shirt is a bit of a weird size for me – too big to wear as a shirt, too short to be a dress. I’ve had it a while now and have only worn it a handful of times. But with this outfit I think I’ve figured out a way for the size to work.

Leggings are the answer. The shirt is long enough to cover my butt and the leggings cover everything else. Win win.

The Docs add a bit of detail while still being simple against the grid pattern of the shirt.

Photo 8-11-2015, 4 36 48 PM

This is something easy to dress up or down, add a jacket or chunky knit jumper, a statement necklace, wear flats, belt it – do whatever. So if you’ve got any too big, too small dress shirts laying around give this a go.

Is there a weird sized piece of clothing you’ve got laying around? What’s a new way you could wear it?

Dress Shirt: asos

Leggings: BlackMilk

Shoes: Dr. Martens


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