Lush Haul

A lovely family member gave me a Lush gift voucher for my birthday back in August and yesterday I headed to Sydney to spend it. There’s no Lush closer to me so I get to make a day of it.

The Christmas stuff was out and seeing as I haven’t tried any of them yet I went around putting all the seasonal things I could find in my basket. I ended up with:


Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, very citrusy and cute


Butterbear Bath Bomb, coco butter and vanilla, smooth skin, smells great



Cinders Bath Balistic, smaller size, popping candy, smells great


Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml, smells just like the bubblegum lip scrub, full of glitter


Stardust Bath Bomb, vanilla, rose and bergamont, the sales person said it was quickly becoming their new favourite


Snow Angel Bath Melt, almost too glittery, rose scent, cute as a button

I also picked up a couple non Christmas bits;


Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, fun and fresh, probably my favourite staple bath bomb


Sakura Bath Bomb, sea salt, jasmine and orange blossoms, looks great

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser, rose, lavender and almonds, it really is like angels on your face, this is my second pot

And that’s all I bought, with some gift voucher to spare. Do you have a favourite Lush product, what do you think of their Christmas range?


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