Heat Beating Iced Tea

Being a caffeine dependent tea drinker can be difficult during an Australian summer. That steaming mug of comfort turns to an unpleasant, sweat inducing ordeal, when it’s over 30*C. So here’s an easy iced tea recipe to help all the tea drinkers beat the heat while keeping caffeinated.

This is a pretty bare bones recipe, feel free to change and add things to suit your tastes. Things you will definitely need include:

  • tea, I’m using a lose leaf earl grey with blue cornflowers
  • a kettle
  • something to steep/keep the tea in, preferably glass
  • water
  • flavourings, I’m adding honey and lemon


First things first, measure out the tea. A rule of thumb is one spoon or bag of tea per person/cup, and one for the pot. Put more if you like it strong, less if you don’t. It’s really up to personal preference.


Fill and boil your kettle.


Pour the hot water into your steeping containers. Glass is good because it will stand the heat and you can reuse it. Plastic will warp. I’m using this teapot and the jar of honey I just finished – the residual honey in the jar will sweeten the tea and the jar is good for aesthetic reasons.

Let em’ steep, again this is up to personal preference, but also the type of tea you’re using. Normally there’s a recommended steep time printed on the box, go by that if you’re not sure.

Once the tea is steeped, decant it into the containers you want to keep it in. If you made it in the containers you want to keep it in, cool leave it there.  Leave room for any extra bits you want to put in!

The tea is still quite warm at this point so if you have any extras that are better off cold don’t add them in yet. Do add in the other stuff, any sweeteners or juices. I added lemon juice to one and the honey is already mixed into the other. Something like peach nectar would be nice as well.

Put the tea into the fridge to cool down. Once it has go about adding things like lemon wedges, milk, flower petals – whatever you want. Make it beautiful as well as delicious. Just a PSA here don’t leave iced tea with a bunch of lovely things floating around in it too long in the fridge or it will be gross. Those or for next day drinking, or add them in as you go.


Ok that’s it. Said it was easy at the start. Stay cool and caffeinated. If you make your own version I’d love it if you showed me over on instagram! Just tag me (@ccaiitiiee) in your post.



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