A Christmas Wishlist- Sort of

I thought I’d do a Christmas wishlist post, ’tis the season, but most of the things I actually want are a bit boring, so I thought then I’d do a wildest dreams/things I can’t get in Australia/very expensive version.

In sitting down to write this I realised most of the things I want can’t really be wrapped and put under a tree. I also realised that there isn’t that much stuff that I really really want. Maybe that’s a sign of growing up.

So here is a wishlist made up of some sensible things, some dreaming big things, and some things in between.

wish list


(This is the first thing I’ve ever photoshopped, and I know its a bit shit but I’m happy with it ~learning new things~)

In no particular order there is:

  • The Lorac Pro eyeshadow palette – an in between thing. Not all that available in Australia, I’ve had an eye on this for some time. One day maybe I’ll get my hands on those mattes and shimmers.
  • Aesop Hand Balm – sensible a little on the expensive side, something nice for treat yo self 2016
  • Travel (the globe emoji) – Mostly a dream atm, I’ve been really lucky to do some travelling this year and I had a great time. I really want to go to Iceland.
  • Geometric Terrarium ETSY – this shop is filled with lovely terrariums but the shipping though, and  if it broke on the way :S
  • Hexagon Bottle/Vase ETSY – Same again for this beautiful thing.
  • Odin Quay Sunglasses – In tortoiseshell please, hoping to open these on Christmas morning.
  • Moleskine Notebook – who doesn’t like Moleskines, they’re an aesthetic gold mine. Also I just filled my long standing notebook up.
  • Killing and Dying Graphic Novel – A booktuber had this in a haul and it looks right up my street.
  • TopShop Moto Pinafore Dress – I saw this in store and needed it, didn’t have enough cash there and then, hopefully some kind soul will gift it to me.

That’s about all I could think of. Is there anything big you’re wishing for this holiday season?



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