Simple Beanie | Finished Project

You’ll have seen this beanie in the works if you read my rainy week post or have been following me on instagram for a while. I started out using magic loop and then switched over to dpns when things got too small.

I made it for my dad, who wanted a 2×2 rib beanie with no cuff to fold over. I started out using a pattern but when I got to the decreases I realised that I’d somehow cast on 180 stitches instead of 160 – so then I had to go and figure out my own decreases.


After some googling I found a simple method for calculating even decreases. Most are written for stockinette stitch so I had to figure out the best use of k2tog and p2tog that would work with 2x2rib as I went. I put a safety line in to start with just in case I fucked up beyond repair.


But I didn’t ! It all went pretty well considering I made it up as I went. And I think it will turn out to be the perfect size too. I’ve wrapped it up as a little extra Christmas present for my Dad so I wont know until then, I hope he likes how it turned out.

Have you been making anything lately? Are you making any of your Christmas presents?


Yarn Zauberball sock yarn | Needles AU size 3.5o |


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