A Peak At My Old Notebook

I recently finished the notebook I’ve had since 2011. A big achievement as I tend to want to fill up a page entirely with dozens of little drawings. Realising how long it took me to fill this book up made me want to start drawing more regularly again, which is why I’ve bought two new books – I hope to show you the highlights of those when they’re full too.

So let’s start at the end, this is the last page of the book;



See what I mean about wanting to fill up the whole page?



I don’t use a lot of colour but I do dabble with water colours when I can be bothered to set everything up. This is from 2012.



This is one of my favourite pages.


A self portrait and a blue spiral. I draw spirals like this when I get bored, I can actually remember painting this one when I was in the art studio during a free period.

These are a couple little details that I quite like.

These are all from the life drawing – I wouldn’t call it a class – I used to go to.

Favourite pages and a close up on the details.

Same again, I draw the same thing a lot so I’m trying to branch out a bit. Why is it so hard to think of things to draw?

I’m sorry if some of this stuff is difficult to see I use light pencils a lot and the camera doesn’t pick up the really fine detail. Any way those are the pages I wanted to share, some of these drawings are so old it’s embarrassing.

Are you into anything ‘arty’ ? Have you got a suggestion for things I could draw? Leave a comment πŸ™‚


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