Technical Difficulties #OOTD

Hey it’s another outfit post. It was one of those days where I was just kicking around the house but still felt like looking cute.

This is one of those outfits I’d been planing in my head for a couple days – idk if other people do that…

Anyway I think it might be the perfect way to wear these overalls.

I am very sorry about the image quality here. My dslr was being a piece of shit and wouldn’t focus or get the white balance right or do anything it needed to, to get a decent photo. I’m fed up with it tbh.

These detail shots are far more true to life. I love that the croptop ends just where the overalls start, and the softness of the stripes pairs nicely with the grey – I think it was meant to be with these two.

The little pin is some Buckingham Palace Guards, a friend got it for me acouple birthdays ago. I want to get some more cool pins and badges. I keep seeing cute ones all over instagram. My jackets feel very bare atm.


And of course I wore my citrus socks. How great are they? I always feel better when I wear cool socks.

While we’re here at the end of the post, I’ve been thinking about doing ‘monthly’ favourites. Now that’s in brackets because I’m not the type to try a thousand new and different things all the time. But if you’d like to see the occasional post of nice things I’ve discovered please let me know.

| croptop General Pants | overalls Afends Clothing | socks Milk Thieves |


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