Botanic Polaroids

Most people love the novelty of instant photographs, not only do you get a nice picture to remember something by, you also get a physical little keepsake – to hang up somewhere and look cool.

Personally I’ve always loved old Polaroids and recently I got my hands on a couple cameras. If I get a third I’ll have to start calling it a collection. I love not just the novelty of the physical photos but the often strange ways they develop as well. The whole vintage Polaroid aesthetic has just always been so eye catching to me.

It’s great that The Impossible Project started up to continue making film for these old cameras and I’m lucky to have a little shop close by which stocks it.

I went out to the botanic gardens the other day and took a roll of plant photos, here’s how they turned out:


How do you feel about instant photos? Let me know in the comments.


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