We Call Them Op Shops Here | Tiny Haul

Hello, I went op shopping (which is thrifting to any Americans reading this) up in Sydney last Friday. Didn’t buy a lot but still had a nice day.

Here are some not so candids of my outfit, not pictured is the cardigan I took off because it was too hot.

We started off looking through some of the ‘retro/vintage’ stores in Surry Hills. Which I knew would be fruitless because those stores are a rip off at the best of times. I mean why buy a second hand band tee for $50?

After lunch we hit gold at a Salvation Army op shop, there was a rack of ‘mens shirts’ for $5 where I found all but one of these tops:

Which are all a bit boring I know, but you can’t go wrong with grey shirts imo.

I also found this, more interesting, pleated maxi skirt


I’ll need to resize it a bit, just so it will sit higher on my waist and not drag across the ground. Might make the lining a bit shorter too. My camera’s white balance wasn’t cooperating so it’s a bit darker irl.

That’s all I went home with, wasn’t bad for spending $40.

Do you like going op shopping? Thoughts on overpriced ‘vintage’ stores? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “We Call Them Op Shops Here | Tiny Haul

  1. Man, we need to plan another trip so I can gooo! I’m glad you had fun though. πŸ™‚

    I am literally that trashy person who buys a 70 dollar ripped up t-shirt from a Vintage store. I know I’m a shameful person! Hehe.

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    • yessssss we must !!
      lol, I mean I can see the point if it’s a shirt you can’t get any more but the markups are ridiculous you might as well buy it new ?? make your own holes


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