My Top Three Podcasts

Podcasts, I listen to them. These are three of my favourites.

Photo 20-04-2016, 2 39 40 PM

I’ll start with the community radio show everyone knows and loves; Welcome To Night Vale. The podcast that got me into podcasts. Night Vale’s brand of surrealist humour and existential poetry simultaneously soothes and inspires.

It’s weird in the best of ways and the people behind the show are amazing. I know some episodes by heart. Follow the Night Vale twitter, you wont regret it.

Photo 20-04-2016, 2 39 15 PM

This next one is a very different, The Heart. A show about love and sex, but also much more than love and sex. It’s about people.

I guess I should warn that this show is sexually explicit – not in a pornographic way although it is at points very sexy – so maybe don’t blast it on your phone speakers on the train. I can not recommend it enough, the folks behind The Heart work tirelessly to produce each episode and you just, you owe it to yourself to listen to this.

Photo 20-04-2016, 2 38 40 PM

Thirdly, but I’m really not putting these in any sort of ranked order, it’s No Such Thing As A Fish. Again, quite different from the other two. This is a podcast made by the QI elves. If you enjoy QI (the television program) you will love this podcast. I actually like it more than the show tbh.

It’s hilarious and clever, if I’m ever telling you a strange fact you can bet I got it from NSTAAF. They do live shows/recordings all the time so if you live around London you can go to see those. The episodes are ridiculously relistenable, they just don’t stop being funny. And there’s a new one every week.


Now I’m going to have some honourable mentions, just cause they’re also worth checking out if you don’t listen to them already.

Photo 20-04-2016, 2 41 39 PM


Ask Me Another is a podcast of an actual radio show made by NPR. It’s a quiz show about pop culture, it has word games and songs and it’s pretty funny. I like listening to it in the bath – I play along πŸ™‚

Photo 20-04-2016, 2 41 15 PM

Strangers is an interview podcast made by Lea Thau. This show can be heavy, content wise so listen to the episodes when you’re ready for them. That being said Strangers is very, very good. Lea sometimes spends months interviewing each person and reflecting on their story. It is very intimate and personal, as the aim of the show is to create empathy and understanding between people who were until recently strangers.


Are you a podcast fan? Do you have any recommendations for me? Put em’ in the comments.


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