Autumn Grunge | #OOTD

It’s getting colder around here and that means ~layers~

Everyone loves some sweater weather, that’s for sure.

Once again I find myself apologising for image quality. Not only was my dslr being reliably terrible, but now every time I open photoshop my whole laptop freezes. It’s been real fun.

Anyway I’ve had the last couple weeks off uni (yeh I’m still there boring story, credit points eh) and I’ve been slouchy and lazy so I thought to get out of that rut I would put together a nice outfit for this here blog.

I’ve actually been wanting to wear this lace shirt and dress together for a while but I haven’t had occasion to. I think it’s quite grungey in that 90’s resurgence way.

The lace top is pretty toasty considering it’s made of holes and it adds some cool texture to the shift material of the dress.

I threw my trusty denim jacket on overtop to add a bit more warmth and interest. And I can always wear stockings when it’s really cold.

On my feet, mostly out of frame, are black faux cable knit socks and T.U.K creeepers.

Does it get very cold where you live, how do you like to keep warm?


|dress General Pants | lace top Glue | denim jacket Levis/opshoped | shoes T.U.K | socks gifted |


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