Some Scattered Lines | Poetry

I haven’t been writing much at all since the due dates stopped, but there are a couple little poems floating around the places I tend to write things down.



The princess and the pea

new shoes rub my heels

the fragile sting of royalty

or strength of leather souls

in contrast to my own

raw as I pace the streets of this town

lived here long enough now

to know the back streets and the bus routes

to get me there and back

again to where I was

and continue to be

Something falls from the bookshelf

the bonds of friction overcome by gravity and our universes’

tendency towards entropy

with time and in aeons

a slow burn storm, scratching at the weatherboards

causing something to fall from the bookshelf


Clichés are poignant lines repeated tirelessly

soon becoming tiresome

an old orchard tree bares bitter fruit

now the sweetness has been sapped

from the earth beneath

apples rotting in fruit bowls

reaping and repeating




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