Uniform #OOTD

I think I’ve found the outfit cartoon me would always be wearing.

Winter is in full swing here and I have fallen head over heels for my denim jacket. Especially since I got my hands on a couple Stay Home Club patches.

I’m the type to get cold very easily so I tend to dress for warmth most of the time. Layering a denim jacket with my other love, flannel shirts, is a one way ticket to toasty town. It also looks pretty cool, in that no effort grunge kid way.

Chuck on some black skinny jeans and whatever shoes you feel like wearing – nothing can go wrong with this.

I love the details that come with layering the jacket over the flannel, the little peek of colour at the ends of the sleeves, the collars. It’s so simple but adds a hell of a lot of interest.

I’ll be wearing this combo – and variations on it – all winter long. What about you, do you like repeating certain looks? Are you any good at keeping warm? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚


|Denim Jacket Vintage Levis (op shopped)| Flannel Shirt op shopped| T Shirt Glue Store| Patches Stay Home Club| Badges Milk Thieves| Jeans Dr Denim|


One thought on “Uniform #OOTD

  1. I have this loose tank top that says “if you can’t handle me at my fangirl, you don’t deserve me at my feminist scholar” and I wear that one shirt so many times and with so many variations (shorts, skirts, pants, leggings, layered with sweaters or flannel, or by itself, it literally ALL looks good with it) that it would definitely be the things my cartoon self would wear all the time.

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