Doing Nothing #OOTD

This shirt was made with me in mind.

I got up early and went into uni to finish up my ceramics project. The weather kept changing it’s mind while I was getting ready so I decided to dress ‘still warm if it ends up overcast but still cool if it ends up sunny’ and it was sort of both.

You’ve all probably had about enough of my denim jacket so I’ll get rid of it and show you the best part of this outfit;

The print on the back of this shirt is truly amazing. I love it so much it’s the sort of thing I’d tag as me/same on tumblr tbh. And better still I got it half price. plus a little extra off because it had a makeup stain (which came out first wash).

It has a mini version on the front as well.

These photos really emphasize how dire my need for a hair cut is. I’m thinking of going pretty short, not very short, but definitely shorter if you know what I mean.

Got a favourite shirt? Shocked that my face isn’t cropped out in these photos? Let me know about it in the comments πŸ™‚


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