Newcastle Trip & Haul

Went to Newcastle to see some relatives this past week. Here’s what I got and got up to.

Those photos are what I bothered to save from snap chat over the trip. We managed to squeeze in a lot of activities over the four and a half days. Shopping in Darby Street, the art gallery, visiting my childhood favourite Bar Beach and, floating all around Newcastle looking for opshops.

I made the mistake of not wanting to lug a big bag on the train trip and so packed very lightly. Meaning I had practically no space for extra stuff on the way home. I still picked up these two jumpers on our op shopping trip. I always end up buying a green jumper when I go op shopping. The cable knit one is much more pastel yellow than in these photos, but is so soft and was only three bucks so I couldn’t pass it up.

I also got this great hat. Well my Nan got it for my birthday (which is coming up August 14th). I’d been looking for a good ‘witchy’ hat for a while – small head problems – and found this one in a little shop called Scout on Darby Street. Every time I visit Newcastle that place seems to have an item I’ve been trying to find. I recommend it if you’re in the area πŸ™‚

And I finally got to visit High Swan Dive, a plant shop I’ve been eyeing up on instagram for ages. Again, I wasn’t able to take a plant home with me but I left with this neat little ceramic cup.

It’s often strange going back to Newcastle. I love visiting family of course, but I have this separated yet nostalgic feeling each time I return. It’s my home town but it is not my town any more.



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