Current Favourites

I might have mentioned before that I’m not the type to try a thousand new products every month; so I don’t do monthly favourites. Recently though I have been liking some things.


The Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven. This stuff is great, I just run a couple pumps of it through my hair after I shower. It really helped with the post bleach frizz and gave my hair a great shine as well. This is an Australian cruelty free brand so if you’ve got hair that needs some extra loving give it a go.

The Awful pin from Stay Home Club has been gracing many of my lapels since I first got my hands on it. I love all of my pins but this has been a real favourite. I bought this clear quartz ring at a market in Bondi, it’s simple and pretty and most importantly fits on my tiny fingers.

Tea and a mug to put it in. The Lamington tea from T2 is delicious, it brings me right back to those lamingtons we used to get at school fetes in reused icecream containers. My lovely penpal Keshia got my the Welcome To Night Vale mug for my birthday and I love it! Perfect size, great quality and supporting a cool thing that I like.


This is my second tube of this Natio lip balm. It’s the perfect all day, everyday chapstick. Moisturises and has SPF what more could you want. I also love this polka dot mostly out of frame pen I bout recently. Normally I use Sharpie pens but I am a sucker for cute stationary. The nib in this pen is really great, I’ve been writing and inking some sketches with it.

That’s a few things I’ve been really loving lately. Let me know if you’ve tried any/what you think of them πŸ™‚


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