Corduroy Conundrum | #OOTD

These vintage cord trousers are too nice to cut into shorts so how am I going to wear them?

I scored these amazing vintage Levi corduroy trousers at a market in Bondi. I’ve been looking for corduroy pants in opshops for a while, with the aim of cutting them into shorts for the summer. I haven’t had much luck, finding pants in my size at opshops is never easy. Then I bought these for $40 from this amazing market stall full of cool old clothes. I didn’t realise just how great they were at the time.


Not to mention they fit me absurdly well. So what’s the problem then? Urh it’s the cut – these are straight leg and I will most likely be buried in skinny jeans so I don’t quite know how to go about styling these.

I think I might have to try passing them off as ‘mum cords’ – you know like mum jeans but corduroy?

Honestly though these things are too cool not to wear so I’m going to have to figure something out. At least more wide legged pants are coming around again – not that I want to leave my skinnies behind.

I also have no idea if cuffing them looks good or weird?

What do you all think? Just wear these anyway? Cuff or no cuff? Help me out here.


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