Clothes Swap 2016 | Haul

The second annual clothes swap was on last week, here’s what I picked up

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept a clothes swap is an event where you donate clothes that you don’t want/wear any more and in exchange you get to ‘swap’ for clothes other people have donated – for free!

It’s a great way to refresh wardrobes and do something decent for the planet πŸ™‚ All the left over donations from this years swap were donated to the Homeless Hub which will give them out to people in need.

The organiser is a friend of my Mum’s so we went to help out with pre-swap sorting. One of the perks of helping out is that you get to pick out a couple things to take before the big day.

While sorting I found what is probably my favourite thing;

I want to call it a kimono but it isn’t really. It’s vintage, and the label says Beijing so it’s probably an old souvenir someone bought in China. Now; this thing STUNK. The smell is difficulty to describe in any clear way but it was definitely bad. Thanks to a bottle and a half of febreeze and a good wash the stink is just a memory. I’m so glad I could get it out, it would have been such a waste otherwise.

The other item I got pre swap was this mustard jumper. It has a zip on the back and short slips on the sides.

On the day of the swap I found these two oversized shirts. I need some black/navy collared shirts to wear at the opshop I volunteer at, so I grabbed this black one. The white one is a sort of denim – I like to wear big shirts as ‘almost jackets’ although this might be too big on me to even wear as oversized? I do love the light blue thread in it though.

The last thing I got myself is this baby pink grandma blouse. I found it in a pile and immediately fell in love. I know it’s a bit out there but I mean, it’s out there in the most amazing way. It’s vintage, I had to cut shoulder pads out if it.

Have you ever been to a clothes swap? What’s the best thing you found? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚


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