Current Favourites no.2

Yes I would recommend these to my friends.


There’s not an abundance of favourites this time around but all of these things are good things.


First up: Sleep Body Lotion from Lush. You might have seen this in my Christmas Lush Haul. This stuff is a delight. The smell, the soft lilac colour, the way it feels on my skin. I’m not really crazy for body moisturizers generally but putting this on before bed is such a treat, go grab a tub while they’re still around.


Kester Black nail polish is cruelty free, vegan, and free from formaldehyde, DBP and toluene. It is also amazing. A bit pricey. But amazing. Two coats and your done, even with light colours like Moss which I am wearing above. It also hardly chips.

The Parsley Seed face mask from Aesop. Lovely to use, leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. Lately I’ve been using it while I’m soaking in the bath.


My pin collection is growing larger by the day! This babe is from Lisa Junius on Etsy.


Excuse my recycling a photo here. These crescent moon earrings from Luna Studsย ย have barely left my lobes. Which is notable because half the time I forget to put earrings on. Simple and delicate studs, letting me express my love for the moon.

Lastly is a blush. The unfortunately named ‘Deep Throat’from NARS ย (honestly why did they call it that?) has been gracing the apples of my cheeks almost every time I’ve put on makeup since I got it. A gorgeous natural shade, more on the peachy side of things.


That’s what I’ve been loving lately, what about you? Any recommendations?


5 thoughts on “Current Favourites no.2

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s Aesop, which has some lovely products it is more on the expensive side though. All cruelty free! And I think generally vegan as well.


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