What’s In My Backpack

If you’ve been wondering what it is I carry around all day whoa boy this is the post for you!

My main reasoning when I bought this backpack was that I needed somewhere to put my patches. They won’t all fit on my jacket, don’t look at me like I don’t know what I’m doing.

Before I got it I generally used tote bags for all my carrying needs. But totes aren’t the most secure and things can easily fall out of them.

Despite it being reminiscent of my school days, I’ve really taken to using this everywhere I go – unless it’s some fancy occasion but I don’t go to many of those – it’s breaking in pretty well. So far I’ve put just a few patches on. The monstera leaf I made myself! The floral wreath is Stay Home Club and the desert child one is from Moon Goddess Market on Etsy.

The most important thing in my bag is,


Yep, a water bottle. Preferably one full of water. I just use this old pump one cause you know recycling.

Next important is,


My phone and headphones, when not in use. Especially if my outfit does not include functional pockets.

Next is my lip balm,


I’m using Honey Trap from Lush at the moment. The smell is a bit strange but it’s growing on me.

Other essentials Include:

My sunglasses and their case, my keys, my wallet and some spare change. Normally the change is for buying coffee.

I also often carry my sketch book and pencil case around with me,


I’m trying to be more comfortable drawing in public places so I bring this for when the mood strikes.

My bag also often contains tampons but taking an aesthetic flatlay of those is going too damn far.


Are you a backpack carrier? What’s something you need with you when you’re out of the house? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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