Recent Opshop/Thrift Finds

I’ve found a few neat pieces sporadically over the last couple months.

When I run around the opshop where I volunteer cleaning, putting things back, and telling people we might not have the very specific thing they’re looking for because this is an opshop, I often stumble upon things I really like and end up getting them – and with the volunteer discount things end up really cheap. Here are some things I just had to hide behind the counter until I clocked off.

In order of purchasing the longest time ago:

This oversized corduroy shirt come jacket. I have been into this fabric lately, which is annoying as it’s been too hot to wear but any way. I found this on the racks, it called to me.

I of course added the patch. It’s very soft, the cord is quite thick and the deep blue suits my colour pallet really well. I think I paid around $3 for it. Can’t wait to wear this more as the seasons change.

Next up is this vintage Guess Australia velvet top.

I found it while putting away the clothes on the change room ‘put these back I’m not getting them’ rack. Whoever didn’t end up getting it must feel silly because this top is great. The small diamond pattern in maroon and navy blue give the fabric an overall purple tone and the zipper detail at the front adds interest and variety. This was about $6.

This top is featured in my last outfit post, so go back to see some more of it.

I saw this on it’s hanger (in the wrong place) and fell so hard for the pattern. Despite my efforts to not buy something every time I volunteer I snatched it up. It was $2.

Lastly I picked up this Gap 1969 denim dress.

I saw it while putting away other dresses and checked the size. It was my size. I decided to wait until I was leaving and if it was still there I would get it. Later when I was at the counter I just caved whole heatedly I got it. It was $2

It has pockets and that lovely neckline but is a bit empty towards the bottom. I think pairing it with a belt (see above) fixes that issue though. I just bought this belt on ASOS if you’re interested it’s probably still up.

Just a few pieces here and there really. I’ve got to keep a lid on it though – I feel like I’ve got too many clothes at the moment.

Do you like what I’ve picked up? Find anything cool lately yourself? Tell me in the comments πŸ™‚


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