Another Sydney Trip Haul

I did some pretty serious shopping during my recent trip to Sydney.

Lets start with the Lush stuff;

I’m still getting through the bath bombs I got for Christmas so I didn’t go too mad in the QVB Lush but I did pick up a couple bits.

These two bath bombs are Valentines Day exclusives, the yellow one is Over and Over, and, the white one is Lover Lamp. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of Valentine stuff in store, compared to what I’ve seen online so I only got the two.

I picked up a big tub of Dream Cream, and have been using it on my new tattoos. But it smells different? Sort of less olive oil-ly if you’ve used it before you’ll know what I mean.

I hadn’t heard of The Great Barrier before which is weird because it’s very up my ally. It’s an in shower moisturizer bar with SP15. I haven’t used it yet but as someone keen to keep UV rays away I know this is going to be good.

I also got my first full sized fresh face mask, The Sacred Truth, it smells really good. I’ve used it a few times now. It’s a really nice gentle face mask, packed full of moisture. If you love honey, you’ll love this.

I popped into T2 – went straight for the samples just as everyone does. A staff member started chatting with me and I mentioned loving Melbourne Breakfast, she said I would like New York  Breakfast too and made a pot up for me to try. And I did like it, so I bought some.

The last time I went into MUJI I bought some socks and they’re basically perfect. This time I bought two more pairs, and a felt tip pen with a fine end and a thicker end.

Now for clothes.

I was in need of some more ‘work appropriate’ pieces so while in Dangerfield I found this outfit. It’s pretty professional right? Now all I need is an interview to wear it to…


I went a bit ham in TopShop tbh. You might have already seen the black t-shirt dress and velvet choker in my last outfit post .

I love the denim overall dress, it’s so cute and the pockets are a god send. I think I might embroider something on the front at some point, any suggestions?

The floral dress is a bit out there for me, mostly because of the bell sleeves. Oh but the pattern is so gorgeous and wearing it makes me feel like the dancing lady 💃emoji so I might have to join a salsa class just to wear it.

And that’s everything!


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