Broadening My Jean Horizons #OOTD

Braking out of my box a bit with these light wash, straight leg jeans.

I’ve had that familiar ‘need some new jeans’ feeling for a few weeks now and with these Lee ‘mom’ jeans I have sated it.

They’re something different for me, for sure. I haven’t had jeans in this light a wash for…years?

It’s already got the styling cogs turning in my brain – being a step away from my usual colour pallet. The biggest difference is of course the cut, straight leg. I’ve been in super skinny jeans for my entire adult life so finding my footing with these is a bit weird. Never the less I am pretty much in love with them, the details at the waist and the soft worn in vintage vibe are exactly what I wanted. They’re also proper denim – not that terrible stretch jegging bullshit.

One complaint I have is that the pockets are very small, won’t fit my entire hand small. And I have very small hands.

Moving on, this crop jumper is also newish, I bought it on ASOS maybe two months ago. It’s only just cool enough to wear it now. It’s from the brand Noisy May and is cosey and soft. I love the black collar and the crop is the perfect pair with high waisted items.



| jumper Noisy May via ASOS | jeans LEE |



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