It’s a Bart, Recent Thrift Finds

Clothes, teapots, and, tapestries, oh my!

I’ll start with this top as it technically isn’t from an opshop. I got it at a market stall – one of those overpriced vintage clothing ones. I paid $25 for this…but it’s alright because this is the perfect stripey top folks. I love the colours and the contrast collar and the size is exactly what I’m after.

This dress is from a brand called Miss Cherry – I think it’s a small hand made Australian brand. I actually saw someone else walking around w/ it while I was working, I was keeping my eyes peeled that day as I was going to have a shop after I was finished. The floral caught my eye, and the thrift gods must have been on my side because I found it hanging on the ‘put me back’ rack πŸ™‚ It fits me pretty well, but for some reason the side zipper doesn’t go all the way up, making it functionally useless which is ??

This big flannel is going to be very useful as the weather turns. God these photos are so 90’s grunge idk what to say.

I’ve been wanting some turtle neck shirts lately. I’m going for a sort of fitted, smart casual vibe. I found this velvet one – ticked all the boxes.

Now with this I think the title of this post makes more sense. How fucking amazing is this hand knitted Bart Simpson jumper. I got it for $2. Gotta love unofficial Simpsons merch.


These patches were 50c each, there was a tin full of them at the counter and I picked out three. I love the Ulysses Butterfly one, and I’m curious about the story behind the Iluka fishing club.

So this isn’t technically a tapestry – that was for the sake of alliteration. I see framed cross stitch things like this a lot but this is the first one I’ve bought. There’s a little bit a wall I think I’m going to cover w/ a few.


Running w/ the flora theme, lately I’ve been digging through the books for any gardening/plant related stuff. I had a couple more which I cut up and made collages in my sketchbook w/.

An accidental tea set. All bought at different times. I love pottery w/ the colour scheme of the milk jug and the mug looks hand painted. The teapot is small, holds about a glass and a half. It didn’t have a strainer but I can just use one of the little mesh ball ones I have.

And that’s everything πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve found some neat stuff lately.

I wanted to tell ya’ll about this amazing youtube channel I found the other day called Color ClubΒ – it’s only just started but the videos are so great. Allison (sp?) has amazing personal style and just seems so cool and completely herself. And her thrifting is on another level πŸ™‚


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