Fishnets Again #OOTD

As the weather cools I’m embracing the macro fishnets trend with open arms.

This is the most ‘instagram’ outfit I have ever worn. I’m not a trend chaser as you might have guessed but sometimes a trend will come along and I’ll fall for it. If you’ve read my previous post about wearing fishnets under ripped jeans you’ll know that I got caught up in this one a while ago.

The other two thirds of this outfit are both thrifted, which was not planed. This velevet turtle neck was featured back in my most recent opshop haul.  The skirt is actually from the school uniform section. It’s a netball skirt, which is funny because back in primary school I always wore shorts when playing netball or otherwise. I’d been on the lookout for a netball skirt since watching Anika Victoria’s ‘Make Thrift Buy‘ video on the topic. It took awhile to find one in a decent colour that would fit me. I think this is a girls size 12 and I can get it to zip up just enough (at the smallest part of my waist).

Just goes to show that when in an opshop you go through every section.

|top thrifted/opshopped | skirt thrifted/opshopped | macro fishnets David Jones|


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