Making Headlines | Poem

No one really reads poetry but here’s some anyway.

Making Headlines 

In news tonight,

Innocent people are suffering and there is nothing you can do but watch

This footage may offend some viewers

The darkness of this world is truly overwhelming

For what do we hope in the face of the universes’ ambivalence ?

Our Main story tonight holds up a megaphone to the screams of those tortured and dying

And that is all

There’s nothing empathy or kindness can do for breaking news

Chaos and hatred sandwiched between finance and weather reports

The reporter glazed over from years of tragedy repeats the teleprompters words as an oath – a promise that what has happened, was happening, always will and is continuing to happen

Why have we not all buried our heads in the sand

Run breathless back to the wild

Why have we not abandoned our homes and headed back to our roots Headed back and plunged ourselves into soil filled with things doing the real work

The real important shit

Fled our lounge rooms before the nightly news, left playing to an empty room, has even gotten to the sports report


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