MCA Zine Fair FEAT: Haul

I went up to Sydney last Sunday to check out the zine fair at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Circular Quay was heaving with bodies, not all heading towards the MCA but they were certainly there. It was very busy, is what I’m getting at. The fair itself was also full of people. There was little room for anything let alone looking at cool art. So I wasn’t there for very long.

Despite the radiated body heat of my fellow patrons and the fact that the majority of stall holders were cash only, I picked up some pretty cool bits.

The best part was chatting to creators about their work, I had a couple nice conversations about art and felt inspired to do more myself. The ‘Honey’ patch is hand sown and adorable – they were being sold for $4! I told them it was worth way more. The fish pin is by an Etsy called LoveSoup. The post card was only a dollar, I love the way it almost looks like writing.

I bought the ‘Space Cutie’ patch and a set of five post cards from Lillian CudaΒ – we got to chatting and it turns out they used to live in my town, small world – The floating eye pin and print of from Rowena SyΒ they had a lot of cool stuff.

These are the two actual zines I came away with. The black and white ones are actual lino print originals, and I fell for the art style right away. Unfortunately I can’t make out the name in the signature and it has no social media tags so I can’t link you to the maker but if you know them please tell me πŸ™‚ The other zine is some really cool drawings, I love the way she (Miranda Costa) uses colour, we had a chat about it actually.

After the MCA I headed into the CBD and did a bit more shopping at the QVB. That was a lot of three letter initialisms.

Of course I went to Lush. I had finally used up five pots and got myself a free face mask. I went with Rosy Cheeks. I also grabbed some Yuzu and Cocoa shower cream, which I have used and have liked. It is VERY yellow. The comforter one is for my mum as she loves the bubble bar version. And the three bath bombs are; over and over, twilight, and, lava lamp – which is a new release.


In T2 I picked up some more Melbourne Breakfast and this Apple Crumble tea, which looks more like a fancy dried fruit snack than anything.

Topshop was having a 30% off sale so I probably – no I definitely bought stuff I don’t need…

The cute bluebell jumper has a makeup stain that I’m hoping washes out. Half of the clothes in there had foundation all over them. It was like someone went around with a bottle of the stuff. Weird.

After some lunch in a very busy food court I got on a train and came back home.


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