Current Favourites no.3

Some of the things getting me through the winter months.

This winter has felt colder than previous years, but that might just be because every year I forget how miserable that walk from my bed to the shower is.

Something helping me stay calm and cosy are trackpants, specifically these trackpants from Cotton On (not my image):

cotton on trackpants

I have three pairs of these, they are great. Not the cheapest pair of tracky daks but worth it for the pockets, and, the cinching at the ankles which stops them from getting caught up under the covers.

I don’t know about you but for me cold mornings mean practically scolding my skin off in the shower. The water needs to be hot. Which is good while you’re in it but not good for the skin. At all.


Dream Cream, from Lush, is saving my elbows at the moment. It’s also great for tattoos.


I’ve got a pin and a pen favourite to share with you,

The pin is from Punky Pins and is currently gracing a jacket of mine. It’s weird and cool and I love it.

The pen is a Copic brush tip marker. I got it at a local art supply store but you can probably find them all over. I’m new to brush tips and this has been simple and straight forward to use, the ink flow is pretty constant and a good solid black colour. Mine has feathered at the very tip but that was probably user error.

Some Books;

I found this gorgeous book about roses at an opshop (thrift store) for two dollars. It has some amazing photos that I’ve been using as drawing references, and backgrounds for my own photos.

I heard about The Ultimate Book of Heroic Failures a while ago on one of my favourite podcasts No Such Thing As A Fish. I got around to ordering/reading it a few weeks ago. This book is funny and factual, it’s laughing at failure and with failure and celebrating just how wrong things can go. It’s a short read and will give you a good few chuckles.

I wanted to add in a couple non-purchase faves in the spirit of uh… not being a slave to capitalism.

An artist I follow called Hiller Goodspeed;

Screenshot (108)

They have an Instagram and a Tumblr and I suggest you check them out. Their art is whimsical and friendly – I’ve never loved pears with faces more than in these pieces.

A YouTuber who is blowing up and deserves to is Color Club;

Screenshot (107)

This girl is a thrifting super star and posts the most amazing hauls. She’s interesting, funny, and has such a unique personal style! She’ll have a million subscribers in no time flat.


Those are all the things I wanted to share with you for this edition of favourites. Oh and I wanted to shout out my own twitter for a second. If you want to follow me on twitter I have made a super cool one @QandCblog πŸ˜€

Ok, see you later.


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