Dare To Suck #OOTD

If everything you do is perfect and amazing, that’s weird.

I’m using this outfit post as an excuse to talk about the creative process. As artists and creators we strive to make our work brilliant but not everything we make can be the best thing we ever make.

I find myself stagnating in the fear of making something that I feel isn’t ‘good enough’ so I make nothing at all. Post nothing at all. Then I see the work of other people, artists I admire, and I compare myself to them. This is a trap many people get caught up in. We see our own failures and everyone else’s triumphs – because who wants to instagram their failures? – so we wrongly assume that no one else ever makes something crappy, or hates something they’ve spent hours working on.

Today I feel off, this outfit isn’t very interesting. I felt uncomfortable shooting the pictures and even worse editing them. I think my jeans look weird and that the real colours of my top are never going to show through properly.

This is not the best thing I’ve ever made but I did make it.



|jeans Lee | top Opshopped/Thrifted |


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