All But One | Polaroid Roll

At it again with the picture taking.


These shots are from two separate days – I actually still have one left of the roll to take.

The first four have a bit of a story to them.

I’d been seeing photos from a local urban exploring Facebook page pop up in my feed for a couple days – liked by someone who’s friends with someone – the photos were pretty average but I was surprised to see so many old abandoned places around town. What intrigued me more was that some photos of a torn up building looked very familiar to me.

They were taken in what is now an abandoned old school building – which used to be some offices for the board of education. It was familiar because I used to walk by it everyday on my way home from primary school. A real blast from the past. Long story short I went over there are took some polaroids. The building was full of broken glass and spray cans, there were scorch marks on the carpet from small fires. It might inspire a couple poems.


My film was still cold from the fridge (you’re supposed to store it in there) when I took the first couple shots so I got these little frosty affects.

The other three photos I was enjoying the sunlight at home.

There is this giant spider living in my backyard, it’s been there for months now, I have nic named it Shelob. I tried to get a photo, the spider just barely showed up. Something about having to take it facing into the light, and not waning to actually get that close.


Hope you like this photos, I might get around to taking the last shot soon.


2 thoughts on “All But One | Polaroid Roll

    • oh they might be good settings – most are a bit out of the way, and not exactly safe to visit. It’s called Abandoned Wollongong.


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