The Abandoned Helensburgh Train Tunnels

I finally got out to the old train tunnels in Helensburgh!


I had been trying to wrangle a group of friends together for a day trip to the Helensburgh tunnels for months and months. Finally me and my friend Sarah – who you might know from her amazing blog The Walrus Room – decided to just go without the others.

We drove up but you can just as easily get the train. The old tunnels are right next to the current train station. I actually thought it would be a little more hidden away than it is. There are two main tunnels open to the public. The main tunnel is very muddy and is said to be a home for glow worms.

We went on a Sunday and there were a fair amount of people there, families and photographers. We did our best to get some decent photos without bothering the other visitors.

I’ve never really taken blog photos (of myself) outside of my house so please excuse my awkwardness in these. Some of them turned out ok ?

There are stories about people who died in the tunnels while they still operated and other urban legends. The most frighting thing about the place is the very real possibility of falling over into mud and broken glass. So watch your step in the wet and the dark.

And of course here are the instax shots I took.


I’m kicking myself for only taking four – I really need to stop worrying about running out of film!

My favourite has to be the shot from inside the tunnel. Love that contrasting light.

My advice if you live close enough by and want to give the tunnels a visit; wear water proof shoes, bring a torch, don’t worry about running out of film, and, try to go during the week when fewer people are around.


Big thanks to Sarah for going on this little adventure with me 😀 you should all go and have a look at her blog! Especially if you love alt fashion, vegan food, oddities, and cool things more generally.


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