New Threads #OOTD

Feeling fresh to death after a hair cut and wardrobe revamp.

I’ve recently had to say good by to some old favorite clothing items. The clean out came after the realisation that most of my wardrobe was more than three years old and – not to gross you out – a few of my well worn shirts had fallen prey to pit stains.

After saying goodbye to some good clothes there was a void that needed filling. This #OOTD is made up of new and exciting wardrobe additions.

You might have seen the jacket in a recent haul post, seeing as I’ve talked about it before it’s being skimmed over. The jeans are new, my old black skinnies had lost their shape and the dye had faded quite a bit. These are from the brand Rolla’s, I love the fit and the high waist hits me at a comfortable level.

I only bought this top yesterday. I’m definitely a ‘wear new cloths asap’ type of person. It’s from Dangerfield. I’ve had a thing for turtle necks this winter and this classic black and white stripe pattern is something I actually don’t own a lot of.

To add yet another new element I got a hair cut on Wednesday. It’s the shortest I can remember having it, I love this length it’s very carefree and fun.

More new things to come in later outfits I promise.


|top Dangerfield | jeans Rolla’s | jacket TopShop | shoes Converse | sunglasses Quay | pins Big Bud Press and Strike Gently CO |


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