Farewell Fizzbanger – Lush Discontinued

My friends the worst has happened, Lush is discontinuing my favourite bathbomb.

It’s true according to this list on the UK Lush site and a very friendly Lush employee at the QVB store last week. Fizzbanger is on the kill list.

This post is a reluctant farewell to my fave citrus-y sweet, yellow ball of fun times. Honestly this bathbomb had everything to love and nothing to hate. From the gorgeous scent, the stunning bath art it created, the cute popping candy sounds and even cuter BANG! paper that was hidden inside.

Photo 27-10-16, 8 11 51 pm

Fizzbanger leaves the bath water a vibrant green that has always made me feel as though floating in lime cordial.

If you’ve never tried Fizzbanger, definitely get your hands on it before it goes. Or maybe it would be easier to have never known what it was like? I’m being melodramatic…

With all this being said I am also very excited for all the new releases. I hope Australian Lushies are going to see some of the jelly bombs!

Are any of your fave Lush Products fading out of existence? Is there a new release you’re desperate to try? Let’s talk in the comments 😀


4 thoughts on “Farewell Fizzbanger – Lush Discontinued

    • I’m not sure if they’re coming out here but it’s a bathbomb that creates a layer of jelly on top of the water which is meant to make your skin super soft. It breaks down after a while so you don’t have to scoop jelly out of the tub haha.


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