Stationary Haul ✏️

Paper, pens, pins, patches, and more. 

Photo 14-11-17, 12 37 35 pm

I’m sure a lot of you already follow the lovely Estee Lalond, if you do you may have seen the amazing video she made about independent stationary stores in London. I loved the video and had to check out the online store for Present & Correct, so many things in the video caught my eye!

As well as Estee, another much admired YoutTuber and Illustrator Fran Meneses just released her planner and life organizer range. I’d been wanting to get some things from her Etsy Shop for a while and the new planning range was just the excuse I was looking for.

Let’s start with Present & Correct;

Photo 14-11-17, 12 39 24 pm

These vintage air mail envelopes are what I really liked from the video. There’s a simple romantic air around these. I’m planning on sending them, with letters, to my pen pal in the states. I hope she likes them as much as I do.

Photo 14-11-17, 12 40 49 pm

These minimalist designed cards are in the same vein as the envelopes. The quality of these is amazing.

Photo 14-11-17, 12 39 32 pm

I also picked up two of these colour blocked pens. They remind me of a kitchen from the 70’s.  The ink is black, and it writes pretty well. Don’t think I’ll use these for drawing though.


Now From Fran’s Etsy Shop I bought a couple things;

Photo 14-11-17, 12 38 39 pm

I thought this weekly planner was such a good idea, and it could really help me sort myself out re: getting work done. I did think it wold be a bit bigger than this though. It’s around A5 – I guess it’s not meant for writing in all the details.

Art wise, I got the Witchy Bundle, which includes this gorgeous print and a sheet of stickers. I’ve put the print up on my wall and will find good homes for each of the stickers.

The last thing from Fran is the pin on the right. As a pin collector I just had to.

Photo 14-11-17, 12 38 18 pm

Now, there are some little add ons for this haul. If you’re a Nerdfighter you’ll know it’s just been Pizzamas. I’ve never had the chance to buy any of the Pizzamas merch before but this year I did, and I got the pin. I am so far gone down the pin rabbit hole guys.

The last two little extras are these patches. Left is ‘Truth Coming Out Of Her Well To Shame Mankind’ when I saw this on Jennis Prints I just had to get it. The patch on the right is from an old favourite Stay Home Club.

And that’s everything. I’ll be writing letters and To Do lists, if you need me.


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