Mostly Monochrome #OOTD

Is it weird that I find putting together an outfit for the hairdressers so difficult?

Finding the right balance between comfortable and stylish when you’re going to be sitting under a sweaty hair dressing ‘cape’ for hours isn’t easy. Now you might be thinking ‘what do they mean hours?’ – I’m typically at the salon mirror for a good four hours. Bleaching, washing, dying, styling. It takes an absurd amount of time.

And there are quite a few factors to take into account; the weather outside, the fact that dye/bleach might get on you, is there aircon?, ect. I am obviously over thinking it.

This time I went with the classic and care free t-shirt and jeans option – with a flannel as it was looking a bit on the cool side as I left the house.

Do you have a go to outfit for spending the day at the salon? Or are you still struggling to find the perfect match like myself?



|t-shirt Mon Amie | jeans Rolla’s | flannel Best and Less | enamel pin Yeah Right Press |


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