Lush Christmas 2017 Haul

It’s that time of year again, Lush Christmas exclusive products time.Photo 8-12-17, 3 58 30 pm

I went ahead and made my order on the Lush Australia website and waited patiently for the parcel to arrive. I’ve gotten into the habit of opening Lush stuff on my insta stories so SHAMELESS PLUG follow me over there if you’d like to watch that, @ccaiitiiee

In my excitement I must have skipped adding a few things to my cart – that or they were sold out and I didn’t notice. So I didn’t end up getting the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb and a couple other things. I also didn’t buy the products I’d had before, during Christmas in July and last year.

Lets start with the bathbombs/melts:

I picked up:

Thundersnow, Sherbet Dip, Star Light Star Bright, Christmas Sweater and Tree D.

So far I’ve used Thundersnow and Star Light Star Bright. Thundersnow was lovely but my Star Light Star Bright smelt like plastic which wasn’t as lovely.

I ended up getting a lot of bubble bars;

The Magic of Christmas, My Two Front Teeth, The Snowman, and Christmas Eve.

I’ve used up all of Christmas eve already and really loved it.

Shower Gels;

I got a medium sized Santa’s Christmas Shower Gel – I got a sample of it and loved it! The red colouring does make you’re bathroom look like a murder scene though. And the kind packers at Lush threw in a Sleepy Body Lotion sample, everybody loves this stuff πŸ™‚

Did you get any of the Christmas releases? Have you got a favourite?


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