Thanks for the Gift Card – Mecca Cosmetica Haul

Headed into Mecca Cosmetica armed with a $100 gift card and the patience to browse in a store with too bright lights and too many mirrors.

Now, $100 does not stretch very far in a Mecca store so I ended up spending an extra $21. It’s hard to quickly add sums in your head when things don’t have marked prices?

What tipped me over was the item I am most interested in, it was in the mini aisle at the check out:

A Mecca Max brand silicone blender/sponge. I’ve wanted to try one of these little things for a while. I’m sick of my off brand beauty blender eating up all of the product I’m trying to put on my face, and this is also meant to be much more hygienic and easy to clean. It was $15.

I actually got a sample of this moisturizer with the gift card in a little box filled with strips of tissue paper. Obviously, I quite like it. Mecca’s brand is cruelty free and I’ve been looking for a better everyday SPF moisturizer for a while now. This was $40.

Photo 10-1-18, 1 04 00 pm

Another skin care thing is this Soap & Glory Micellar Water. Everyone raves about this stuff, I’ve not used it before mostly because the majority of mid range brands selling it aren’t cruelty free *cough Garnier cough* but this one is! I’ve noticed a change in my skin towards the more oily side of things in the last few months; so I’m thinking I should make more of an effort with cleansing and all that. Only $11 for this big bottle.

Photo 10-1-18, 1 02 00 pm

The last item is another purchase to sate the highlighter obsessed demon within me. I swatched these in store and that was that. Very interested to see how ‘Wicked’ looks on my face. $55 for this one.


Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and how they fared with you – especially silicone blenders I’m very curious about them.


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