Need A Little Lush in My Life | Haul

Restocking on some favourites, and trying some Lush stuff I’ve never had before.

Photo 18-5-18, 1 06 40 pm

I’ll start with the tried and true:

Everyone knows these two, they’re Lush all stars, and deservedly so. I’ve been washing my face with Angels on Bare Skin for years now and would not dream of going back to some supermarket cleanser.Β  Dream Cream, is probably the best moisturizer ever made. It actually does good things for your skin, fancy that.

Photo 18-5-18, 12 57 10 pm

This is my second pot of Honey Trap Lip Balm. I’m the type that need lip balm to live, and this is a sweet little savior.

On to new territory:

The Birth of Venus Jelly Face Mask. As you can see, I’ve used this a few times now. It’s really nice. The scent isn’t anything special but it feels great.

Can you believe I only just tried out Fun? This stuff is so cool, soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and modeling clay all in one? I have the Rainbow Fun, and have mostly used it as bubble bath. It doesn’t give the same show as a bubble bar but I still really like it.

Photo 18-5-18, 1 00 21 pm

I’ve been after a treatment to really sort my hair out after a scalp bleach, I decided to try out Roots. I haven’t used it yet but hopefully it leaves my little head feeling renewed.

It’s Scrubee! I know this little gal is a Lushie fave but I haven’t tried it until now. It smells so great – I love honey if you hadn’t noticed. Now Oil On Troubled Water, a luxury bath oil, does not smell great, but I’m hoping will bring some much needed calm to a night time bath.

Photo 18-5-18, 1 02 22 pm

Lastly, I got this little Sultana of Soap sample with my order. It’s meant to be very moisturizing so this might become a great little hand soap for these drying winter times.

Have a favourite out of what I’ve bought? Or a recommendation for a Lush product you’d think I’d really love? Let me know about them in the comments.


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