Current Favourites no.5

I’ve got some more favourites for you.

Photo 9-6-18, 2 31 50 pm

Some beauty, some media, and some miscellaneous. I think I’ll start with the beauty.

Don’t all these packages look so good together? Gosh, and they’ve been helping me look good and keep it together too.

The far left is Mecca Cosmetica brand moisturizer with SPF 50. I use this everyday on my face and neck to prevent sun damage and well you know – moisturize. It’s lovely, smells great, doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily nor show up and ruin photographs.

Twilight Body Spray, from Lush has been sending me off to sleep in a field of calm lavender. I spray this stuff liberally over my bed sheets and pillow cases, such a treat for bed time!

Dream Cream, another Lush staple. You know it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, you know I’m having very hot showers and that my skin hates me for it. Enter Dream Cream to save the day. Great for all skin types.

Moving on to media.

There hasn’t been a day without listing to the new Arctic Monkeys album since I downloaded it. It’s such a new sound for them and I honestly love it so much. Four out of Five is my standout but I also love Golden Trunks and Science Fiction, and every other song.

Photo 9-6-18, 2 06 33 pm


A podcast I’ve been all over recently is the Sexplanations Podcast, from the YouTube channel of the same name. If you’re into open and interesting conversations about all things sex and sexuality you will love this podcast. Everyone does group kegels at the end, it is amazing.

An artist I discovered on Tumblr recently called Demii Whiffin makes these amazing collages that speak to me on all levels. I’ve just bought I few prints and a t-shirt from their Society 6 which you should all go and browse.

Now for everybody’s favourite favourites, miscellaneous.

Which both happen to be food related. what are the odds?

I am one of those Keep Cup ELITISTS. I am saving the Earth over here, one coffee order at a time! But seriously I’m glad to be reducing the waste I produce and Keep Cups are a nice thing.

The Natural Chip CO Sour Cream & Chives potato chips. I cannot stop eating these. Every time I go into Woolworths I just end up buying them and then eating the whole bag in three seconds. I don’t even particularly love sour cream and chive as a chip flavour it’s just these specific chips. Go out a grab a bag.


Now, that’s everything I felt the need to tell you about, share my passion for any of these things? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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