Holographic Lip Gloss | Review

Australis ‘Mermaid Dreams’ Holographic Lip Gloss – sounds cool, but is it more than just a gimmick?

Photo 9-6-18, 3 12 34 pm

I came across this lip gloss while I was killing time at Priceline. I’m a sucker for holographic anything, and my hand reached for the tester before I even knew what I was looking at.

in store the swatches I did looked pretty cool, so I thought I’d give into the gimmick and just buy some.

It sure does look great in the tube. As you can see from this swatch photo the real deal is much more subtle, only really looking like anything in certain lights. It’s most intense when first applied but as you move it around that almost entirely fades.

Here it is alone on my lips – looking like a colourless gloss which is pretty disappointing. I admit that it’s difficult for the holo affect to show up on camera but it really doesn’t look that amazing solo.

So, I tried layering it on top of some of my more ‘fun’ lip colours. This is it over the NYX soft matte lip cream in Tykyo, which is really cute. It does obviously take away the matte of the lip cream.

I also tried it with this very bold Lush lipstick, in the shade ‘Witty’ which looks really cool. The blue really brought out the green reflective quality of the gloss.

Overall, my impression of this gloss are that it’s all for the gimmick. If you’re looking for a product that gives wild holographic sheen this probably isn’t the one. It’s very subtle and not long-lasting. Using it on it’s own doesn’t give you a great result and it doesn’t have the most pleasant scent. As it retails online for $16.95 you might be drawn into the fun of it like I was, but probably wont end up ever wearing it, like I won’t.



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