Queer Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

My first little article is up on Popsplaining!


By Caitie White

Are you after some positive queer representation in your media? Do you have a Netflix subscription and time to kill? Well, here are some of my good, queer, binge worthy, recommendations. All these programs include recurring, or main cast queer characters, who do not die.

b99 coverBrooklyn Nine-Nine (tv show) – Netflix has four seasons.

Odds are you already know and love Brooklyn Nine Nine. If that’s the case might I suggest watching it again, and again. This is honestly the best show on the air at the moment. It’s hilarious, heart-warming, and has an amazing cast. It tackles important issues now and then but is for the most part just a good fun thing.

Lucifer_titleLucifer (tv show) – Netflix has two seasons.

The Devil escapes hell and opens a nightclub on Earth, then happens to meet a cool detective and starts solving crimes. Yes, this…

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