Straight Girls at Mardi Gras | Poetry

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I don’t normally add anything to my writing posts but this one has a story to it. I went and performed this poem at my local poetry slam, Enough Said Poetry Slam, it was a big step for me. Performing my work and having confidence in my writing is something I struggle with. The good news is that it went really well, I ended up winning second place which is still so crazy to me. This poem is quite personal and tackles a subject that might ruffle a few feathers – don’t jump down my throat about it.


Straight Girls at Mardi Gras

My feed is flooded with posts from straight girls at Mardi Gras

Full on glam   yassss kween   look at you

Standing in front of a rainbow washed ATM

So glad the banks don’t mind taking money from limp wristed hands


The straight girls are posting about how welcoming the LGBTQI+ community has been!

Where the alphabet soup back home can all see, and how the likes come flooding in


Did you wear rainbow glitter eyeshadow?

Did you get there in time to see the Dykes on Bikes motor past, remember using that word?



We had to steal it back from you

All our words stolen back from you

And despite this reclamation still sit ready and waiting in your mouths


I’d like personally to thank you for voting yes

It was the bare minimum show of respect   but I know we went out and set the bar too low

One checked box and homophobia is solved for good

The straight girls are getting drunk in bars and kissing each other

‘Its fine that you’re gay just don’t hit on me’

Here is your official pat on the back from the queer community

Thank you for coming here and for keeping your prejudice inside social subtleties


The straight girls marvel at floats full of hot boys and flashing lights

I can’t help but wonder

Would you still be here if the atmosphere was less rainbow

And more riot

Bruised knuckles and bloody noses don’t match well with your gay best friend accessories



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