Baby Teeth Journal, Open Call for Submissions

If you follow me anywhere else on the internet you might already know that I’ve started my own online journal.

It’s called Baby Teeth Journal and submissions are open now! Baby Teeth is a diverse and inclusive space made to showcase the work of emerging artists and creators. We publish works of practically all mediums and genres.


If you write, draw, paint, take photos, design, perform, collage, rearrange, make any sort of art at all – submit it to Baby Teeth!


We pay our featured creators, and promote you and your work as muchΒ  as we possibly can. The goal is to not only publish great work but to create a community of creators who can support each other!

You can check out Baby Teeth here, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We are funded by super generous and supportive folks over on Patreon (who get some great perks for their trouble). Please consider becoming a Patron if you can, it starts at $1 a month, and really means so, so much.

And of course sharing our social links and call for submissions with all of your cool creative friends would help us out a tonne. So feel free to take the poster and run with it, use the #babyteethjournal if you do πŸ™‚

I’m so excited for Baby Teeth to be out in the world after spending so long working on it behind the scenes. I hope that we can make something really great together.



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