Inktober 2018

2018 was my first year taking part, and completing Inktober. Here are some of my favourite drawings from the month.

I decided to take part in Inktober the day before it started. I have known about the challenge for a few years and have always enjoyed watching other artists churn out a piece every day – often with Halloween themes which you all know I have a soft spot for.

I follow an artist called Shaan, Furry Little Peach, she put out her own prompt list and I thought ‘hey, why not?’.

I also set a few little goals for myself.

  1. Draw something inspired by the prompts every day
  2. No sketching in pencil first, work with your mistakes
  3. It doesn’t have to be good
  4. Use as few materials as possible

With these ‘rules’ I wanted to challenge myself to be less afraid of making mistakes, and to remove some of my ‘perfection paralysis’ which is heavy and stacked high when it comes to visual art.

Overall  it was a pressure free way for me to get some drawing done every day, even and especially if I didn’t like the end result.

For the most part I only used by Uni Posca paint marker in black.

I did a mixture of single and double page spreads, and did a sort of free association in order to come up with things to draw. I’ve been getting into Tarot recently so a few of the drawings are all about cards.

Without putting too much planing into the pages I had some instances of things just working our really well on their own. The spread for Day and Night, has to be my favourite.


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