2018-2019 Sketchbook

I’ve filled up another sketchbook, here are a few of my favourite pages and pieces.

See my last sketchbook here and my inktober form 2018 here.

Instead of chronological order I’m going to group by type. I tend to draw a lot of the same thing, or get a bit obsessed with certain imagery and draw it over and over.

Let’s start with the fun I had with Posca Paint Markers.

I love drawing with poscas, they have a great colour range and an opacity that I adore. I don’t really use much colour except for them. You’ll see a tonne of botanical drawings, and the more abstract stuff as well in this post.

Here are some good old lead pencil things.


I also started using coloured pencils for sketching, being unerasable I find they help to ‘losen up’ my drawings and stop me from trying to make everything perfect.

I love drawing weird deer.

Of course, I drew a few roses.


Here are some miscellaneous marker drawings.


And lastly, I did a few fun little collages.



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