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Creative Commodity

I’ve got another article on Popsplaining!


7.26 CreativeBy Caitlin White

As someone working in the arts, and someone who is at odds with capitalism, making a living from my work is difficult.

Selling is such a huge part of art. So how does anyone who doesn’t want to “sell” end up successful? Our views on success are so strongly tied to financial wealth that artistic merit is an afterthought.  Many of the most famous artists, with works selling for millions, only reached that level by creating marketable works. Takashi Murakami comes to mind as a hugely successful artist, who has designed his entire process around capitalistic success.

There is immense pressure to create works that are ‘easy to swallow’ – that add to the ever-growing pool of content but do not challenge anyone or say anything. These works that challenge don’t sell. As we continue to decide what gets made based on what sells we end up…

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